Mommy Makeover

7 Reasons to Choose Dr. Truong for Your Mommy Makeover

1 Get the Body Contouring Results You Want


Have you ever thought, "I love my children but I miss my old body"? A mommy makeover includes a combination of procedures designed to reverse the most visible effects of pregnancy on your breasts and body.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often result in deflation or sagging of the breasts, along with skin and muscle laxity of the abdomen, stretch marks and unwanted weight gain. Mommy makeover procedures typically involve breast enhancement and body contouring, but may even include nonsurgical med spa treatments or other procedures.

From your first meeting together, Dr. Truong will listen to you closely to better understand the results you want from your mommy makeover. Dr. Truong has the technical expertise to give you a final look that’s dramatic yet natural, customizing each mommy makeover to the needs of the individual patient.

2 Real Before & After Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s certainly true when viewing before and after mommy makeover pictures in our Photo gallery and seeing the end results for yourself. Dr. Truong prides himself on featuring only unretouched photos that use the same camera, lighting and pose. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that these are sample results. There's no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

3 Body Contouring Expertise & Artistry

The Consumers’ Research Council of America voted Dr. Truong one of America’s Top Cosmetic Surgeons. Board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Truong has completed two separate fellowships in cosmetic surgery and treating burn injuries, plus a year-long apprenticeship in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Known primarily as a breast enhancement and body contouring specialist, Dr. Truong has performed hundreds of mommy makeovers to help women feel better about their post-baby body. Dr. Truong is also a Fellow of both the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

4 Rave Reviews

Dr. Truong’s patients are his best advocates, and the connection he establishes with each and every one comes through loud and clear in his cosmetic surgery reviews.

Disclaimer: This is just one review and may not be representative of all patient experiences. There's no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary. We encourage you to read more reviews of Dr. Truong and our practice before deciding on coming in for a consultation.

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5 Reputation

A true measure of a cosmetic surgeon comes not from patients alone, but also from his peers. Dr. Truong is thought of as the “go-to” surgeon for those who want the best. His former patients include many within the medical profession, from nurses and operating room technicians to physicians and their spouses. According to Dr. Truong, working with patients who have chosen him based on seeing his work firsthand from the operating room perspective is "the greatest compliment a surgeon can get!"

  • Monika Imsirovic | Patient and Aesthetic Coordinator | Practice Manager

6 Cost, Financing & Payment Plans

For women who are interested in a mommy makeover yet have concerns about the cost of their cosmetic surgery, we offer CareCredit and other financing options that make achieving beautiful results even more affordable.

7 Get a Comprehensive Mommy Makeover Consultation

Dr. Truong offers a thorough and comprehensive consultation where you can get the details on all of your cosmetic options. He’ll take the time to answer each and every one of your questions.

What to Expect

Every woman is affected by pregnancy and childbirth differently, and that means that Dr. Truong customizes each mommy makeover to a woman’s particular goals. For many women, this may mean body contouring that specifically focus on the tummy and breasts, while others may benefit from different procedures. The best candidates for a mommy makeover are those women who have already completed their families, as future pregnancies could impact your final results.

Your Consultation

Because a mommy makeover is tailored to meet your personal needs and preferences, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Truong to discuss your hopes for surgery is an important first step in seeing the best possible results. Bringing in photos of your “dream look” can be helpful, as can pictures of your pre-baby body.

During your consultation, Dr. Truong will talk about which options he feels will help you achieve your desired look, and explain more about how different surgeries can complement each other for a better final outcome. You’ll also be given more information on what to expect before and after surgery, including pre- and post-op instructions.

Preparing for Your Mommy Makeover

The length of time a mommy makeover takes will vary depending on the included procedures and other factors as well. The most common combination of breast enhancement plus a tummy tuck can take between four to six hours, and most women return home the same day as surgery.

Recovery & Results

Following your mommy makeover, you can expect to feel some discomfort, especially at any incision sites. Like the surgery itself, every woman’s recovery experience will be somewhat different, since a varying combination of procedures may be performed.

Your new look will become more noticeable as your recovery continues, showcasing a firmer, curvier silhouette that helps you feel sexier and more youthful.

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