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What is Botox Facial Slimming?

What is Botox Facial Slimming?

“Skin-tox” is one of the newer injection treatment methods that not many people know about. It involves a shallow injection of botulinum toxin straight to the face. Also known as a “Botox facial,” this quick treatment utilizes very micro microneedles to deliver a dose of muscle-freezing neuromodulators (like Botox or Dysport) to the upper layers of the skin. Muscle tox is the traditional method that many get today and involves injecting Botox or Dysport into the muscle which temporarily prevents your muscle from moving, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles!

It’s very important your provider has experience and is familiar with the facial anatomy. All our injectors at Chicago Aesthetics have over 10 years of experience with cosmetic injections.

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