Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

7 Reasons to Choose Dr. Truong for Your Eyelid Surgery


Get the Eyelid Surgery You Want

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Getting an eyelid lift is the ideal solution for a subtly refreshed look, so surgical artistry is key. Dr. Truong can perform upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery or a combination of both to help you meet your appearance goals. He also understands the inherent challenges of Asian eyelid surgery for ethnic men and women who want a more refined double lid.

An eyelid lift can do a lot to return youth and vitality to your face, and Dr. Truong uses only the most advanced surgical techniques to ensure beautiful, natural looking results that meet or exceed your expectations.


Real Before & After Pictures

Dr. Truong only posts unedited images in our before and after photo gallery, so you can feel confident that every picture is an accurate representation of how real patients’ eyelid surgery results look. Not only are the pictures taken here at our Chicago practice, but we take care to use the same photo angles, lighting and even the same camera for added consistency. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that these are sample results. There’s no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.


Featured Result

Eyelid Surgery Before After

This woman wanted to remove drooping of her upper eyelids and loose skin and bags under her eyes. She underwent an upper blepharoplasty as well as a lower subciliary blepharoplasty with removal of excess skin and fat for a significantly rejuvenated improvement.

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Eyelid Surgery Expertise & Artistry

Dr. Truong

Dr. Truong is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He has undergone extensive training related to skin rejuvenation and aesthetic plastic surgery. In addition to completing a competitive Fellowship from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Truong was also voted one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.


Rave Reviews

Dr. Truong’s patients are his best advocates, and the connection he establishes with each and every one comes through loud and clear in his cosmetic surgery reviews.

Disclaimer: This is just one review and may not be representative of all patient experiences. There’s no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary. We encourage you to read more reviews of Dr. Truong and our practice before deciding on coming in for a consultation.

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What really sets Dr. Truong apart is that his former patients include those within the medical profession who have personally seen his techniques in the operating room. Dr. Truong has performed cosmetic procedures for nurses and operating room technicians who have worked with many of the area’s top surgeons. As Dr. Truong says, seeing this level of trust from his colleagues is “the greatest compliment a surgeon can get!”

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Cost, Financing & Payment Plans

Finances shouldn’t have to be the only consideration when it comes to looking your best. Our practice offers financing options like CareCredit to help ensure that your eyelid lift is even more affordable.


Get a Comprehensive
Eyelid Surgery Consultation

Dr. Truong offers a thorough and comprehensive consultation where you can get the details on all of your cosmetic options. He’ll take the time to answer each and every one of your questions.

What to Expect

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so premature aging around the eye area can have the unwanted effect of making you look older than you feel on the inside. Eyelid surgery can correct droopiness in the upper lids, eliminate puffiness and bags from below the eyes, and leave you looking more alert and refreshed.

Your Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Truong will talk more with you about what you hope to achieve with blepharoplasty. Depending on your personal goals, he may recommend including additional procedures at the same time, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic injections to help minimize the appearance of crow’s feet.

Dr. Truong will explain in detail about the steps he’ll follow during surgery, and give you further information on what to expect before, during and after your eyelid lift.

Preparing for Your Eyelid Surgery

The time scheduled for your blepharoplasty will vary somewhat depending on whether Dr. Truong is performing upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery or both. Upper blepharoplasty on its own typically takes about an hour, and is normally performed under local anesthesia.

During surgery, Dr. Truong takes care to hide incisions in the natural eyelid crease or lash line for minimal, discreet scar placement. Through these incisions, excess fatty deposits are removed and skin is tightened for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Recovery & Results

You may feel some discomfort the first few days after your blepharoplasty, which may be accompanied by bruising and swelling. These can be alleviated with ice packs and by sleeping with your head elevated initially. It’s also a good idea to avoid activities that cause eyes to work too hard, such as reading or watching TV. Your final results should be visible as healing progresses, leaving you looking more alert, revitalized and youthful.

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