Botox Fixes More than Just Wrinkles


Botox Fixes More than Just Wrinkles

Everyone knows that Botox injections are amazing for treating wrinkles as you age. You may not know that Botox has many other benefits, so there is no need to wait to take advantage. Here are some of the top uses for Botox injections at Chicago Aesthetics. 


#1 Narrow a Wide Jaw

One very popular treatment in South Korea, and originating in Asia, is the use of Botox to create a slimmer jaw. Many people, asian and caucasian feel that their jaw looks too wide and aren’t satisfied with its appearance. This is especially true for women who may want a slimmer look. Genetics, teeth grinding, and chewing gum are examples of how the masseter muscle in the jaw can overgrow and result in a widened jaw shape. That’s where botox comes in! Injecting Botox into the jaw is a great way to weaken the jaw muscles and cause them to shrink down or atrophy. You will see a thinner jaw appearance in no time!


#2 Fix your Gummy Smile

If you show a lot of gums when you smile, a couple injections of Botox is the perfect solution. When Botox is injected near your nose, it is able to lower your upper lip to prevent rising and showing those gums!


#3 Resting B**** Face (RBF) Cure

You’ll have nothing to be grumpy about when Botox turns that frown upside down. When Botox is injected into the Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) muscle, the corners of your mouth won’t be pulled down. These botox benefits will have you smiling!


#4 Fix Bunny Lines

Smooth out the lines between your nose that are caused when you squint your eyes. Botox is a quick fix!


#5 Improve Your Mood

Feeling gloomy from the winter weather? The Monday blues? Forgetting your morning coffee? All of the above? Studies have shown that Botox benefits can improve your overall mood. It may be because you can’t frown as easily, but we’ll still take it! 

Yes, this is your official sign to amp up your Botox treatments and solve all your problems at once. If you don’t believe us, call us for a free consult with our injectors or if you’re totally ready for amazing results, book now!  Learn more about common treatments paired with Botox such as dermal fillers, lip injections, and jawline contouring!

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