Tattoo Scar Removal Treatments

Tattoo Scar Removal Treatments

Did you know that when you get a tattoo, your tattoo artist can create scarring within the tissue of the skin by the different depths used with the needle? Depending on the depth used and the evenness of the of the needle this can prolong your tattoo removal treatment. But there’s a way to help reduce that scar tissue with the use of a fractional laser.

Our scar removal treatment is with our Non-Ablative Icon Fractional Laser which uses thermal heat to rejuvenate the scar tissue. Forcing the scar tissue to produce new collagen and skin cells that will ultimately help smooth out the scar tissue and loosen the ink that is within the scar tissue. Post 4 weeks after your scar treatment you will come in for your laser tattoo removal treatment. At this treatment, the PicoSure laser will be able to pick up the ink better since it’s been loosened from the scar tissue treatment.

You will need more than just one treatment for the best results. Don’t get discouraged, just know that this will give you the best results for your tattoo removal. When a patient comes in for a consultation for tattoo removal, the tattoo is always examined for scarring. At that point, the patient is notified that scarring is present and that scar removal treatment will need to be added to the tattoo removal treatment in intervals.

For more information about PicoSure laser tattoo removal see here.

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