6 Other Uses for Botox

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6 Other Uses For BOTOX

Neurotoxins, like BOTOX and DYSPORT, are most commonly used to temporarily smooth wrinkles in the facial area. However, did you know there are other uses?

BOTOX and DYSPORT are the most well known neurotoxins in the market but there are others. They vary a bit on when they “kick in” or how much they spread. The duration of a neurotoxin is directly related to the dosing. The lower doses last about 2-3 months, higher doses last 4-6 months. Neurotoxin injections are commonly known by most people to help temporarily minimize the appearance of wrinkles.  With continued use “etched in lines can become static lines when the neurotoxin wears off”. Etched in lines are seen without any facial movements but the static lines are only seen when we move our muscles.

Neurotoxin injections have a wide range of uses and benefits including help with:

  1. Depression/mood
  2. Gummy smiles
  3. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis
  4. Relieve muscle tension
  5. Migraines
  6. Reduce the appearance of orange peel skin in the chin
  7. and uses in devices that infuse it all over the skin to reduce pore sizes and give the skin an all over glow! When we use it in devices that open small microchannels which infuse a neurotoxin solution in the skin.

“Microbotox” is another use of neurotoxin that can help areas of the skin that need smoothing, like the neck or undereye. Not everyone is a candidate so a consultation with a Chicago Aesthetics provider is needed. We can also inject Neurotoxins in the neck platysmal bands. These vertical bands on the neck can be the first sign of an aging neck and can be caused by genetics, sun exposure or improper skincare routine over the years. This really helps reduce the appearance of aging on the neck. This is another injection that requires a consultation as not everyone is a candidate.

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