Skin Care Tips For Men From An Esthetician

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Men need to take care of their skin too!  Great skin doesn’t have to be complex and if you’re like most men (and women), you want it to be simple and easy to do. If you aren’t sure where to start or which products to use, here are some super simple tips for men when it comes to skin care (trust me, you’ll thank me later!):

Put the bar soap down and use a facial cleanser! The skin on the face is very different from the skin on the body. Using a cleanser specifically for the face is best, and what’s even better (especially for men) is using one that has gentle exfoliating properties in it that help prevent breakouts. I prefer xxx

Give the skin a boost with Vitamin C – Antioxidants like vitamin C are very important in a skin care routine because they provide protection from the free radicals that age you! Make sure the bottle containing your vitamin C serum doesn’t allow light to penetrate it, because this can oxidize and render your vitamin C useless. Skinceuticals CE Ferulic (a cult favorite!) is a great option. It’s a little pricey, but a bottle should last about 3 months and well worth it!

Don’t forget your sunscreen! If you’re breathing, you should be wearing sunscreen! Men often don’t wear sunscreen because they don’t think they need it or they think it feels too oily/greasy. If you’re applying Banana Boat sunscreen to your face when it’s meant for the body, it’s going to be greasy! But there are many great sunscreens that blend with your skin, making you forget they’re even on. I like xxx

Apply retinol before bed. Who says men don’t want to turn back the clock on aging? After cleansing the face again before bed, they should use a retinol! These products work overnight to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. The xx is one I recommend.

See how easy this routine can be? Men – jump on board!

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