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Laser Stretch Mark Removal That Works

"I've spent thousands on expensive creams to try to get rid of my cellulite and none of them work. I am happy I finally a stretch mark treatment that works! I am so happy I found Chicago Aesthetics and would highly recommend them for any skincare needs!"

At Chicago Aesthetics, we have the most advanced laser therapy that is safe and effective for treating stretch marks. Our laser technology penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate collagen formation and re-modeling of the dermal scars.  By filling in the gaps with new collagen on the inside, this treatment can dramatically reduce the depth, color, and appearance of stretch marks on the outside

Our skin professionals are trained in laser-based treatments for stretch mark reduction.  We have the latest advanced technology available today and are ready to help you meet your personal cosmetic goals.

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How do stretchmarks form?

Chances are you will get some stretch marks at some point in your life – and this is perfectly normal! Stretch marks are in fact small tears in the dermal (deeper) layer of the skin which result in linear scars.  The long scars are areas where the tissue has torn and separated become visible because the skin in that area is a different thickness. The most common areas stretch marks appear is on the stomach, thighs, waist,  and arms.  

Most stretch mark treatments being advertised are creams and lotions which work on the surface of the skin and usually cannot penetrate into the dermal layer to have any significant effect. Skin rollers and massagers can improve the look of stretch marks temporarily due to the swelling they cause but does not solve the problem.

Because the stretch marks are found in the deep layer of the skin, the treatment for stretch marks naturally has to penetrate into that layer.

stretch marks treatment chicago

How do Laser stretchmarks Treatments Work?

Laser stretch mark removal is ideal for people seeking to minimize the appearance of stretch marks associated with pregnancyhormonal changes, or weight gain. It works by using fractional laser light to break down stretch marks and naturally trigger healthy, new tissue growth, including collagen. Laser stretch mark treatments are fast, easy, and have little to no downtime.

An average stretch mark treatment session usually takes about 30 minutes. After your treatment, you may notice some redness or sensitivity similar to a sunburn, but you can plan on returning to your normal daily routine right away without any downtime.

Your stretch mark reduction treatment will be customized to your individual condition. Our medical skin experts will provide a recommendation based on the size of the area or areas being treated, how pronounced your stretch marks are, your skin type, and other factors.

Stretchmarks Treatment FAQ

We use a laser technology that invented and patented micro-fractional laser technology. Pulses of fractional laser light are used to break down stretch marks, triggering new tissue production at the site and helping to improve stretch mark color. The new collagen can leave the stretch mark smoother in texture and reduce the appearance of the stretch mark on the skin.

Laser stretch mark treatment is appropriate for any skin type, including very light and very dark skin. Dr. Batista or one of our licensed estheticians will discuss whether you are a good candidate for laser stretch mark removal.

The laser technology used for stretch mark removal is safe in most skin types. We will let you know depending on your skin type what to expect, but most are candidates for the procedure.

Most people need three to five treatment sessions for optimum results. The number of treatments will depend on the areas being treated, your skin type and other factors. A customized treatment plan will be developed during your consultation.

People typically resume their regular activities immediately following the treatment session.

Most people feel minimal pain during the laser procedure. Typically, most people experience a temporary redness and swelling of the stretch mark which may last a few days. Dr.Batista and the Aesthetics team will discuss other potential side effects with you.

The cost of your laser stretch mark removal treatment will vary depending on what areas need treatment and how many treatments you need. Because everyone is unique, we customize treatments to the individual patient. At Chicago Aesthetics Med Spa, we have a variety of different treatments available that can be combined to give our patients the best results.


Stretch Marks Before & After Photos

stretch mark before after photo

Area(s) Treated: Stomach

Treatment Used: ICON

Number of Treatments: 3

Area(s) Treated: Stomach

Treatment Used: ICON

Number of Treatments: 3

stretch mark treatment before after chicago

Area(s) Treated: Stomach

Treatment Used: ICON

Number of Treatments: 3

*Results may vary from patient to patient.

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