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7 Reasons to Choose Dr. Truong for Your Earlobe Repair


Get the Earlobe Repair You Want

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Correcting a torn earlobe after an injury requires a different approach than closing a gauged piercing, so taking an individualized approach toward each earlobe repair is essential for seeing the best results. Dr. Truong is familiar with all types of earlobe and piercing repair so you can feel confident about achieving a positive outcome that meets your goals.


Real Before & After Pictures

The results that are shown in our photo gallery of patients before and after their earlobe repair surgery are not retouched or edited. Instead of tweaking images with Photoshop, we take care to shoot every picture right here at our Chicago practice using the same lighting and angles, and even use the same camera for each image. Disclaimer: Keep in mind that these are sample results. There's no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary.

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Earlobe Repair Expertise & Artistry

Dr. Truong

Dr. Truong has undergone extensive training in skin regeneration as part of his surgical training in burn injuries in addition to completing a Fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and an apprenticeship in aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Truong has received numerous awards and has been published for his research work. Board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Truong was also voted one of America’s Top Surgeons by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.


Rave Reviews

Dr. Truong’s patients are his best advocates, and the connection he establishes with each and every one comes through loud and clear in his cosmetic surgery reviews.

Disclaimer: This is just one review and may not be representative of all patient experiences. There's no guarantee of specific results and your results can vary. We encourage you to read more reviews of Dr. Truong and our practice before deciding on coming in for a consultation.

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Dr. Truong is appreciated by his colleagues as well as his patients. In fact, he’s been approached by operating technicians and nurses that have personally observed his surgical skill and then requested him for their own procedures. Dr. Truong appreciates this level of endorsement and trust as “the greatest compliment a surgeon can get!"

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Cost, Financing & Payment Plans

In some cases, the cost of your earlobe repair may be covered by your existing health insurance plan. However, our practice offers financing options like CareCredit so payment doesn’t have to be the deciding factor in moving forward with your procedure.


Get a Comprehensive
Earlobe Repair Consultation

Dr. Truong offers a thorough and comprehensive consultation where you can get the details on all of your cosmetic options. He’ll take the time to answer each and every one of your questions.

What to Expect

Whether wanting to trade in a poor fashion choice made in your youth for a more professional look, or to repair a torn earlobe after an accident or injury, earlobe repair and reconstruction can help you improve your image. This quick and simple procedure leaves behind relatively small, discreet scars so you don’t need to feel held back by your appearance.

Your Consultation

At your initial consultation, Dr. Truong will talk closely with you about your hopes for earlobe repair surgery. He’ll explain more about the steps he takes during the procedure to reconstruct your earlobes, as well as the type of result you can realistically hope to achieve. This is a fairly quick and routine surgery that shouldn’t require complex steps during preparation or recovery.

Preparing for Your Earlobe Repair

The process of repairing a torn piercing or gauged earlobe is a straightforward one that’s typically performed under local anesthesia only. Dr. Truong first removes any existing scar tissue before suturing the separated edges together to recreate a whole earlobe. The entire surgery normally takes less than an hour to complete. The sutures Dr. Truong uses during surgery are quite small, although some types of earlobe reconstruction may require a more complex use of skin flaps rather than a simple suture technique.

Recovery & Results

You may notice some slight discomfort after your earlobe repair surgery, which can usually be controlled with regular over-the-counter pain medication. After your earlobe is healed, you can consider re-piercing your ear if desired. Scarring should be minimal, and the earlobe should appear whole and smooth again.

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